Wrongful Death

When a person dies due to a wrongful act, neglect or misconduct of another, certain surviving members of the victim’s family may bring a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court.  Under Arizona law, a wrongful death suit may be brought to court if the deceased person could have filed a personal injury case based on the negligent or wrongful conduct that caused their death. As the deceased person is no longer able to bring the case on their own behalf, certain family members may seek recompense through a wrongful death claim.


Our firm has extensive experience in seeking the various forms of compensation allowed under Arizona law, including but not limited to the loss of love, affection, companionship, care, protection, and guidance due to the death of the decedent, from the decedent’s passing and into the future. Surviving family members may be entitled to damages for their pain and suffering caused by the death of the decedent, as well as income or services already lost, or reasonable future losses as a result of the death, the reasonable expenses of funeral and burial, and of necessary medical care and services for the injuries that resulted in death.


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