Medical Malpractice


Should a medical professional cause you serious injury, illness or disability due to error or negligence, it can be scary, damaging and costly. In the role of both claim investigator and patient advocate, it is of paramount importance that the attorney representing you can fully determine the extent and scope of damages before agreement with any potential settlement offer or engagement in the litigation process.

The experienced trial lawyer is your advocate to ensure all bases are covered by the physicians, to ensure that those treating doctors are in a position through examination and study to make an accurate prognosis on the permanency of injuries sustained, and as a result what the future holds for care, treatment, pain, suffering, grief, and expenses.

Our firm has handled multiple medical malpractice cases in Arizona, pursuing compensation from hospitals, physicians and medical staff for failing to provide proper and appropriate treatment for medically related issues. Whether the damages arose from medical errors or through operational and organizational negligence, we can shepherd you through the process of seeking legal remedies for the damages suffered and potential lost. Our firm is prepared to see your case through to recovery, whether that is ultimately secured through settlement or trial verdict.

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