Sports Management


Burt has over 35 years of experience in sports management and representation through his agency firm Burt Kinerk & Associates. Drawing upon his experience as a collegiate athlete, he has advised and mentored professional athletes and coaches in several capacities, from negotiating professional and employment contracts to procuring commercial endorsements, all with the aim of fostering personal and professional growth to establish their financial future.

With experience as a registered agent with the National Basketball Association Players Association (NBPA) and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), Burt has represented several professional football and basketball players. Specializing in the negotiation and renegotiation of employment contracts, Burt has also advised and mentored numerous professional golfers, U.S. Olympians, and several collegiate head and assistant coaches as well. Included among his clients past and present are local legends such as Lute Olson, Sean Elliott, Chuck Cecil, Tedy Bruschi, Michael Bates, Mario Bates, Byron Evans, Joe Salave'a, Chris McAlister, Larry Smith, Mike Candrea, Ricky Barnes, Dan Forsman and Crissy Ahmann Perham. 

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