Divorce & Separation

When you are in marital crisis, confusion and uncertainty about the future can be debilitating.  You may be reluctant to confide in friends and family for fear of judgment or unsolicited and unreliable advice.  Each divorce and legal separation is different, with unique challenges.  Consulting our firm may provide answers regarding to the legal process in general, as well as the potential outcomes for the division of your assets and debts, parenting time and legal decision-making, and the ability to forward into your future.


For instance, under Arizona law, most assets accumulated during your marriage are considered community property, with the overriding goal  to divide such assets equally between the spouses upon dissolution. In contrast, Arizona law on spousal maintenance is broad, allowing judges wide discretion to determine appropriate measures. Colleen can provide the proper knowledge and guidance so you can make better, more reasoned decisions concerning your individual needs, as well as provide a solid foundation for your coming years.

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