Child Support

Even though the algorithm used in the calculation of child support can be confusing, the Arizona Child Support Guidelines provide clear direction to help determine the appropriate amount of child support for which each parent is responsible.  The most important factors when calculating child support are parenting time, the parties’ respective gross incomes, childcare expenses and the cost of health insurance coverage.  Child support payments are most often made through income withholding and paid through the Child Support Clearinghouse.  Payment through the Clearinghouse provides a clear and certain record of payments made and due in each case.


Parents have a legal responsibility to provide support for their children until each child is emancipated. For the purposes of child support, a child becomes emancipated in Arizona either at age 18 once graduated from high school, or if they have turned 19 while still in high school, whichever comes first. Once emancipated, Arizona courts cannot enter child support orders except in the case of a disabled child.  


Although some child support modifications are agreeable and straight forward, many can benefit from the experienced advice our firm can provide. Often times, due to a change in parenting time, income and/or new children, the amount of child support ordered should be modified. Modifications of child support must be pursuant to an order of the court, based on either a written agreement of the parties or a petition to modify child support. 

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